Inject dynamism into your communication


Thanks to adjustable and unlimited personalisable solutions, Inteamity injects dynamism into your web communication.


Inteamity allows you to create and update your website, keeping a homogeneous grphic line over the pages.

The multilingual interface and the pages filing system allows you to prepare qietly your pages, and keep  a historical of your modifications.

Optional availables modules and fonctionnalities can be added at any times to the inteamity system:
- The diary allows you to manage your events, class, registrations, etc.
- The pictures gallery  allows you to present your photos.
- The shop allows you to sell your products and services directly online.
- The exhibitor index allows you to present in a quick look, your events participants.
- The members area allows you to segment your website according to your differents public targets.

At last, Inteamity offers total flexibility, because it's possible at any time to develop or adapt any type of module according to your activities or your needs.


Inteamity allows you to concieve and launch at any time emailing campaigns to inform your customers or your "mailing list" subscibers of a change on your website or of a special action.

For target more effectively your sendings, you have the possiblity to create, then select, one or several recipient groups. Moreover, it's possible in any time for you to import or export a group at Excel format.

With his e-mailing system, Inteamity offers an increased interactivity with your website visitors and customers.

suiviConnection follow-up
Inteamity allows you to follow precisely the using of your website. The connection follow-up show the way covered, page after page,  and this, for any visitor  as well as the duration and the frequency of all the visits.




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